• Crabmeat

    Simple and healthy way to include crab in a variety of dishes... /nutritious-foods/shellfish/crabmeat 1
  • Wild Cocktail Shrimp

    Pre-peeled and deveined... /nutritious-foods/shellfish/wild-cocktail-shrimp 2
  • Baby Clams

    Try them in chowder, pasta, or risotto... /nutritious-foods/shellfish/baby-clams 3
  • Smoked Oysters

    A great source of Omega-3 and Omega-6 oils... /nutritious-foods/shellfish/smoked-oysters 4
  • Smoked Oysters with Chili

    Add smoky, fiery flavour to a variety of dishes... /nutritious-foods/shellfish/smoked-oysters-with-chili 5
  • Whole Smoked Mussels

    An excellent source of Iron... /nutritious-foods/shellfish/smoked-mussels 6

Smoked oysters, smoked mussels, crabmeat, baby clams, and shrimp are a simple and convenient way to create meals full of unparalleled protein, flavour, and freshness.