• Italian Salad

    Dolphin-safe tuna, pasta shells, vegetables, zesty Italian dressing... /nutritious-foods/salads/italian-salad 0
  • Mediterranean Bean Salad

    Tasty tuna, beans, chickpeas, and black olives…. /nutritious-foods/salads/mediterranean-bean-salad#.VZbSvkY4F2Y 5
  • Spanish Salad

    Tuna, beans, and vegetables with a refreshing dressing... /nutritious-foods/salads/spanish-salads 0
  • Greek Salad

    Tuna, pasta, and vegetables with a tasty Greek dressing... /nutritious-foods/salads/greek-salad 0
  • Thai Tuna Salad

    Exotic combination of tuna, rice, asparagus and red peppers…. /nutritious-foods/salads/thai-salad#.VZbU8EY4F2Y 0

Ready to eat dolphin-safe tuna offer you the flexibility to eat deli style, or to incorporate into an inspired meal. Healthy, with exceptional blends of protein, vegetables, and natural flavors, these salads are sure to satisfy.