• Tuna SnacKit™

    Blend of dolphin-safe skipjack tuna and low-fat mayonnaise... /nutritious-foods/oceans-snackits/tuna-snackit 0
  • Tuna Disney SnacKit™

    Fun and healthy for kids... /nutritious-foods/oceans-snackits/tuna-disney-snackit 3
  • Albacore Tuna SnacKit™ Gluten Free

    Premium snack for tasty fuel anywhere at any time.. /nutritious-foods/oceans-snackits/albacore-tuna-snackit 3
  • Tuna BBQ SnacKit™

    Tuna with smoky BBQ flavor... /nutritious-foods/oceans-snackits/tuna-bbq-snackit 4
  • Tuna Onion and Celery SnacKit™ Gluten Free

    Skipjack tuna, low-fat mayo, celery and onions... /nutritious-foods/oceans-snackits/tuna-onion-and-celery-snackit 5
  • Tuna Lemon & Pepper Snackit™ Gluten Free

    Your favourite Lemon & Pepper tuna with rice crackers! 6
  • Snackit Dips Light Tuna

    Convenient, healthy, delicious and fun! 7
  • Snackit Dips Thai Chili Tuna

    Perfect mix of sweetness and spice! 8

Ready to eat dolphin-safe tuna varieties are paired with crackers for a light meal or snack on the go. With two types of tuna snacks - SnacKits and SnacKit Dips - and 7 flavours to try, you are sure to find a tuna snack that pleases your taste buds.

Our albacore tuna, lemon & pepper, and onion & celery SnacKits are matched with gluten free rice crackers. While our BBQ tuna and mayonnaise tuna SnacKIts are delectable paired with wheat crackers.

SnacKIt Dips are a new way to enjoy Ocean’s tuna! Served as a dip, rather than a spread, there is no need for a spoon. Just dip whole wheat crackers directly into the tuna blend. Try our Sweet Thai chili tuna –it’s the perfect mix of sweetness and spice!

Snacks that include protein are more satisfying and have been linked to increased satiety. This is beneficial in that a feeling of fullness will help curb unhealthy snacking between meals. Snacking smarter is important for adults and children as it delivers lasting energy, key nutrients and prevents over eating later.

As a ready-to-go snack, SnacKits are perfect to pop in your backpack for outdoor activities. Whether you are skiing, hiking, snowshoeing, camping or out for a long walk, SnacKits are the ideal snack on the go! With a spoon and napkin tucked into the SnacKit you will stay neat and tidy.

Ocean’s tuna SnacKits are sure to keep you invigorated and satisfied.