• Light Tuna with Thai Chili

    Inspires meals with an Asian flare... /nutritious-foods/flavoured-tuna-salmon/light-tuna-thai-chili 0
  • Light Tuna with Teriyaki Sauce

    Ready to serve from an easy-open can... /nutritious-foods/flavoured-tuna-salmon/light-tuna-teriyaki 0
  • Light Tuna Smoked

    Adds that little bit of extra distinction... /nutritious-foods/flavoured-tuna-salmon/light-tuna-with-smoked 0
  • Light Tuna & Mayonnaise

    Simple meal starter on the go... /nutritious-foods/flavoured-tuna-salmon/light-tuna-mayonnaise 0
  • Light Tuna Lemon & Pepper

    Perfect blend of lemon & pepper… http://oceanbrands.com/nutritious-foods/flavoured-tuna/light-tuna-lemon-pepper#.Vtc-Y-Y4H4k 6

FAD free tuna choices are infused with a variety of flavours. Use these as a meal to pair with a simple carbohydrate, as a base for healthy recipes, or as part of a lavish meal. The flexibility and combinations are endless.