• No Drain Solid White Tuna in water

    Packed with just a few drops of water!

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  • No Drain Chunk White Tuna in Water

    Comes in an easy open can!

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  • No Drain Flaked White Tuna in Water

    An excellent source of protein!

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  • No Drain Solid White Tuna - Low Sodium

    For those watching their sodium intake!

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  • No Drain Solid Light Tuna in Water

    Just add to any dish!

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  • No Drain Solid Light Tuna - Sunflower Oil

    Both healthy and tasty!

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  • Flaked Light Tuna in water

    Dolphin friendly tuna!

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  • Chunk Light Tuna in water

    Packed in water to preserve natural flavour!

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  • Chunk Light Tuna in broth

    Packed in broth for added flavour!

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  • No Drain Flaked Light Tuna in Water

    Gold Seal No Drain Flaked Light Tuna is convenient and easy to use in any recipe! /gold-seal/healthy-foods/tuna/no-drain-flaked-light-tuna-in-water#.V9G14DV5rud 5

Easy, convenient and ready to eat, Gold Seal No Drain canned tuna is perfect for people on the go. Just add it to your salad, sandwiches or crackers for a quick meal!

No Drain Canned Tuna is packed with only a few drops of water to eliminate the mess of draining. The easy open can adds to the convenience and gives consumers a quick and flavourful product!

At Gold Seal where our aim is to Make Life Easy for you and your family. That’s why we create easy, delicious recipes with canned tuna.  In fact, we have designed recipes for a range of ethnic cuisines.  Vietnamese, Indian, Italian, French, Southwestern along with the North American favourites such as Tuna Mac and Cheese.

Be sure to peruse our recipe section. There is something for all tastes.