• Sardines in Spring Water

    Premium quality pacific sardines!

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  • Sardines in Thai Chili Sauce

    Packed in a delicious Asian sauce!

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  • Sardines in Soya Oil

    Perfect healthy addition to any dish!

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With their rich, full flavour and firm texture, sardines make an easy, ready-to-eat snack by themselves, on toast, or in salads. These versatile protein packed gems were all the rage as sardine sandwiches in years gone by. Today, foodies and culinary mavens have created sardine sandwich recipes made with a wide range of fresh ingredients that are now available.Sardines have many more uses than just salads and sandwiches today. Pasta, pizza, fish cakes, appetizers can be conjured up to include these tasty morsels. Explore our sardine recipes to discover creative ways to add sardines to your cooking repertoire.

At Gold Seal, we offer 3 varieties of canned sardines. Sardines in Spring Water are a favourite for salads such as our Sardine and Chickpeas Salad with Feta . Sardines in Thai Chili Sauce are delicious on their own as a side to vegetables or rice. Sardines in Soya Oil are excellent in Salads like our Beet and Sardine Salad.

Sardines also have tons of health benefits: rich in vitamins and minerals, an excellent source of Vitamin B12, and an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids. Sardines pack a nutritional punch. For our sardines nutritional information click on one of the products above.