Canned Salmon

  • Sockeye Salmon

    High in calcium and Omega 3!

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  • Sockeye Salmon No Salt Added

    Good for the eyes, heart and brain!

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  • Sockeye Salmon Skinless/Boneless

    Super convenient with no skin and bones!

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  • Pink Salmon

    The perfect healthy addition to any dish!

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  • Pink Salmon No Salt Added

    Perfect for a low sodium diet!

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  • Pink Salmon Skinless/Boneless

    Just add to your favourite recipes!

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Our canned salmon is all wild salmon harvested from Canadian and Alaskan fisheries. It’s distinct flavor and delicious taste, in combination with its well know health benefits, make it a natural choice for your pantry.

 At Gold Seal we offer six varieties of canned salmon. Three Sockeye Salmon and three Pink Salmon varieties. Pink salmon has a lighter color and milder flavor. Sockeye salmon has a stronger flavor and brighter color. Both types are available as skinless/boneless, which is a good choice for people who enjoy a milder taste, and a no-salt added version. Sockeye and Pink Salmon do not differ in their nutritional qualities, so it’s best to try both and let flavor be your guide.

Salmon is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, protein, vitamins and minerals. It is a great source of vitamin D. In fact, it is one of the only natural sources of vitamin D. In the summer months, we can get vitamin D from the sunshine, however, during the darker winter months, it is important that we get it from food. The only natural source of vitamin D comes from fatty fish such as salmon and sardines. There are smaller amounts in eggs and beef, however, the best source is salmon.

Canned wild salmon is just as healthy as fresh wild salmon, meaning that Gold Seal Canned Salmon is very good for your eyes, heart and brain. Incorporating it into your diet on a regular basis makes good sense as it’s a very nutritious choice.

There are so many ways to enjoy canned salmon. It is one of the most versatile types of canned fish. We pride ourselves in developing creative salmon recipes for you to try and enjoy.

Salads are an easy, affordable way to fit canned salmon protein into your lunch or dinner. But no dull salads here! Our chef has created some unique combinations. Try making our Salmon, Watermelon and Feta Salad . Sweet, savoury and juicy! Or how about trying our Salmon, Green Grape and Beet Salad. Combining fruit, vegetables and salmon is a unique, unexpected taste experience sure to please. We offer 6 salad recipes for you to try. If you are looking for a “make-a-day ahead” salad, our Salmon Couscous Salad is for you!

As you can tell, we are enthusiastic about our salad recipes. That’s because combining canned salmon with fruits and vegetables turns it into a nutritional powerhouse!

Preparing a hot meal at dinnertime can be a challenge. The “old favourites” get tired after awhile and the question of “What’s for dinner?” still persists. With food costs rising, we are all trying to cut corners. An economical, easy way to prepare a delicious and nutritious dinner is with canned salmon. We have developed 15 main dish recipes for you to try out. We’d like to share a few unique favourites with you now. On a cold night, nothing can beat Fisherman’s Pie . It is hearty, delicious and so easy to make!

Another comfort food dish is Salmon Cannelloni a truly mouthwatering dish to enjoy. Try the salmon burger with roasted garlic and pineapple aioli. Made with typical pantry ingredients this recipe is easy!

There is nothing more typical as a use for canned salmon then a salmon sandwich. Yet, there is nothing typical about our canned salmon sandwich recipes! We offer four unique recipes for you to try. Salmon and roasted pepper hummus on naan bread is perfect for a lunch or elegant appetizer. What about trying our Salmon Pesto Perfect Panini?  Salmon, pesto and caramelized onions – yum!

We invite you to explore all our canned salmon recipes. With it’s tremendous versatility, you will see that stocking up on canned salmon makes good sense. Gold Seal – Make Life Easy.