Healthy Foods

  • Salmon

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  • Tuna

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  • Sardines

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At Gold Seal, We Make Life Easy for you and your family. Our easy to open and serve canned seafood products reflect this. To help you incorporate our healthy canned seafood into your diet, we have created many easy to prepare, flavourful and healthy recipes for you to explore.

Our canned salmon, canned tuna and sardines are all excellent sources of protein. All our canned salmon is wild and comes from the fast flowing streams of the West Coast to the open waters of the Pacific. Our salmon come home having spent their entire life in the wild.

Our dolphin-friendly Albacore white and Skipjack light tuna are both an excellent source of protein, and low in fat and cholesterol.

Our nutrient rich, savoury selections of sardines are there for you to discover. Versatile and ready to eat out of the can in an array of ways, it is helpful to have a stock on hand. Our sardine recipes provide interesting, creative ways to enjoy sardines.