Growth & Acquisitions

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Ocean Brands has strong relationships with Canadian retailers and is known for market leadership in product innovation, quality management and sustainability. Our goal is to identify food products that we can sell across our customer base, primarily through our Ocean's and Ocean’s World Cuisine brands.

Ocean Brands is interested in representing product manufacturers seeking access to the Canadian market. With its extensive customer base and distribution facilities across Canada, we can offer manufacturers, either through a distribution agreement or a buy/sell arrangement, access to the Canadian Market.


Ocean Brands is interested in acquisitions that complement our business. Our acquisition criteria include the following preferences:

  • Established businesses with sales up to $50 million, with a core product that is growing or has potential for growth and has its own established brand in the market.
  • Preference would be for businesses, in Western Canada or along the West Coast of the USA, in the ambient food business, with a strong or growing market share.
  • The business should have a capable management team that are interested in growth, and be operating in an industry with good growth potential.
  • If possible, we prefer companies with a diversified supplier and customer base.

If you own, operate or work for a business that you believe might be a candidate for acquisition by Ocean Brands or would be interested in a distribution or buy/sell arrangement, please do not hesitate to confidentially contact Aidan Hughes at or call 604-242-0048.