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Ocean Brands


Ocean Brands was formed under the Jim Pattison Group of Companies in 2011 with the focus of bringing the best and most innovative foods to Canadian consumers from around the world.

We have two trusted Canned Seafood brands: Ocean’s and Gold Seal, and in 2013, Ocean Brands had a new area of growth. Our sights are reaching beyond the oceans, with the release of non-seafood items via our new and exciting Authentica World Cuisine Brand.


Ocean's is a leading seafood brand in Canada, internationally known for its leadership in product innovation, quality management and sustainability. Since the brand’s launch in 1983, Ocean's success has been driven by an entrepreneurial spirit that runs throughout the organization. Our workplace environment promotes product innovation, and today, our canned seafood products are distributed through major retail and food service channels across Canada. We offer consumers a wide selection of the highest quality seafood available. Ocean's continues to add value to the seafood marketplace with its unique products such as our SnacKit™, FAD Free Flavoured Tuna, Pole&Line Tuna and Salads.

Targeting consumers of all ages, Ocean’s enables you to feel good about the food you’re eating and providing your family. Feel good fuel.

Gold Seal:

In 2014, Ocean Brands acquired the Gold Seal seafood brand, strengthening our market share in the seafood category. Launched in 1940, Gold Seal has become a trusted brand, particularly in the Canned Salmon category. In 2010, Gold Seal launched it’s No Drain Tuna line catering to consumers who are looking for convenient seafood choices. Gold Seal products can be used in various fast and easy recipes, perfect for people with busy schedules. Make Life Easy.

Authentica World Cuisine:

Authentica World Cuisine exists to bring the best and most innovative foods to Canadian consumers from a variety of international cultures. The first product line launched under this brand were Italian Pasta Sauces that are authentically produced in small batches from the heart of Italy.

Drawing from the finest ingredients, Authentica World Cuisine provides food with character, enabling consumers to travel the world with our cuisine. Ocean’s World Cuisine makes every meal a new discovery

Watch this short video that shares some of Ocean Brands’ milestones.