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Our mission is to bring the best and most innovative foods to Canadians from a variety of international cultures. Drawing from the finest ingredients, Authentica World Cuisine provides food with character, enabling you to travel the world with our cuisine. Our new and exciting Authentica World Cuisine brand reaches beyond the oceans with the release of high quality non-seafood items, taking you on a culinary adventure. Authentica World Cuisine makes every meal a new discovery.


Italian Pasta Sauces

Authentica World Cuisine Italian Pasta Sauces are authentically produced in small batches in the heart of Italy. Made with fresh, natural ingredients of superior quality, that are harvested after ripening in the warm Italian sunshine, our sauces are rich in flavor. They represent authentic regional recipes handed down from one generation to the next in Italy.

Italy has 20 distinct geographic regions. The landscape, appearance of people and dialects are most often varied. Italians are proud of their distinct home and hold on to the regional culture and traditions passed down from their ancestors.

Diversity between regions is the biggest when it comes to food and wine. Even between towns and villages Italians will prepare the same dish in a tremendously different way. Great pride is felt for local recipes and cooking traditions.

Appreciating this passion and diversity, we sourced four sauces from distinct regions in Italy. We hope you enjoy the history, tradition and taste of these sauces as much as we do.

Spicy Arrabiata sauce was originally sourced from Rome. Known as the “Angry Sauce”, as Arrabiate literally means “angry” in Italian, it is said to be called this because of its heat from the chili peppers.

Originally sourced from the island of Ischia off the west coast of Italy near Naples, Puttanesca sauce is a very unique pasta sauce that incorporates black olives and capers.

Siciliana sauce was originally source from Sicily. A gourmet Italian pasta sauce with authentically sundried tomatoes - its taste is sweet and earthy from days in the Italian sunshine.

The origins of Pomodoro & Ricotta sauce date back to ancient Rome but became a Sicilian specialty in the early 13th century.

Our Italian Pasta Sauces are not just for pasta! Ciopinno, Italian style chili, baked enchiladas and even slow braised pork roast are just some of the meals to cook with our sauces. Chef Nathan Fong developed unique and delicious recipes using our pasta sauces.

More intense in flavour and texture than other pasta sauces, you need less sauce to cook with, offering much greater value for money.

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